US Masters Texas Scramble Rules - 2024

  • All players must be amateur golfers and a member of a golf club with an official handicap
  • Players with society handicaps and Open Play handicaps will not be eligible to compete in our events.
  • Players must bring proof of their WHS handicap to each event
  • Team handicaps will be calculated using a modified version of the WHS system
  • We will use the following calculation..
  1. 20% of your lowest handicapped player
  2. 15% of your second lowest handicapped player
  3. 10% of your second highest handicapped player
  4. 5% of your highest handicapped player
  • The maximum team handicap is 8.4
  • Max handicaps of 28 for Gents and 36 for ladies
  • A full team of ladies will potentially receive extra shots depending on course ratings and par differentials.
  • Having ran over 500 texas scramble events and analysed all the scores and handicaps, we feel this is a much fairer calculation than current WHS.
  • All teams must have 4 players, any combination of gents and ladies
  • Each player must use 4 drives each - 1 of these drives will be on a Par 3
  • For courses with less than 4 par 3 holes, another nominated hole will be declared to ensure that each player hits a drive on a nominated hole
  • On the nominated holes, only the nominated player is allowed to hit a tee shot, the rest of the team can participate from the second shot onwards.
  • Nominated drives will be marked within 6 inches of the ball position with a tee peg - not closer to the hole.
  • The player who's ball has been nominated will play their ball first and as it lies.
  • Players can then place their ball if it is on the fairway or closesly mown areas and drop the ball if it is in the rough or hazard.
  • On the green, the same method applies. The ball chosen is marked and then putted first. Players then place their ball as close to the marker as possible before taking their shot.
  • Play continues from each position until the ball is holed out.
  • Once a ball is holed out, no more shots should be played, the hole is over.
  • The competition will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by the R & A Golf Club and the local rules of each qualifying venue and the final venue.
  • The only exception is that when putting, a team will be permitted to view the line of the putt from behind the ball striker or in front.
  • In the event of a tie, we will go to countback, inward hald, last 6, last 3 then from the last hole if no winner is determined.
  • The grand prize includes 5 Night's bed and breakfast, 2 rounds of golf, 1 Tournament day at Augusta National for the US Masters, Car Hire, Welcome Pack, On ground assistance. Flights are not included.
  • Golf In Scotland reserve the right to reject any entry
  • Golf In Scotland's decision in any disputes shall be final.
  • Golf In Scotland reserves the right to amend the rules if they deem necessary.
  • If, due to unforeseen circumstances, your team of 4 players can't make the final event, you are allowed up to 1 substitute for the national finals.
  • It is not possible to win our national prize of a trip to the US Masters in consecutive years - our 2022 winners will not be eligiible to win the grand prize in 2023.